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Subsidized Housing Data

Federally subsidized housing provides homes for millions of families and seniors throughout the country. The National Housing Trust plays a leading role in providing information about the affordable housing stock so that policymakers and community advocates can know where affordable housing is at risk and which properties should be targeted for preservation.

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Project-Based Section 8 Apartments >>

Data includes state reports of properties with project-based Section 8 contracts expiring over the next five years. Reports include information about property location, housing subsidy expiration date, physical inspection scores, ownership, management, and mortgage terms (if the mortgage is HUD insured). Data last updated April 2012.

Section 515 Rural Apartments>>

Data includes state reports of properties with USDA Section 515 loans. The Section 515 program provides affordable rental housing in rural communities.

How Does Affordable Housing Data Drive Policy?

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Learn more about creating an "early warning system."

Many states and localities are creating early warning systems with data on privately owned, federally subsidized affordable housing in order to identify properties that might be at risk of being lost from the affordable housing stock. When this information is available, advocates and policymakers have a better shot at successfully intervening to prevent affordable housing from being lost.

This summary of available federally subsidized housing datasets is helpful for understanding the types of datasets available, where to find them, the type of information included, how often they are updated, and what you should be aware of when working with the dataset.

For more information about successful data collection efforts and lessons learned in creating early warning systems, click here to visit the Rental Housing Preservation Forum at Housingpolicy.org.