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National Housing Trust/Enterprise Preservation Corporation


The National Housing Trust/Enterprise Preservation Corporation (NHT/Enterprise) is a joint effort of the National Housing Trust and Enterprise Community Partners, Inc. NHT/Enterprise collaborates with local partners and investors to raise the capital necessary to buy and renovate affordable apartments that are at risk of being converted to market rate or that are deteriorating. Using innovative, replicable financing mechanisms, NHT/Enterprise has preserved and improved nearly 5,000 affordable homes in 9 states and the District of Columbia. By safeguarding affordable homes, we improve the well-being of the families and seniors who call them home and reinvest in and strengthen neighborhoods.

NHT/Enterprise Experience and Commitment


NHT/Enterprise preserves and improves affordable housing for low-income persons and families through:


  • Direct acquisition of multifamily housing developments;
  • Making property renovations that incorporate green and sustainable building practices;
  • Maintaining long-term rent affordability; and
  • Creation of resident services programs or improvement of existing resident services.


NHT/Enterprise pursues acquisitions where it has been invited to look at a particular project, where local groups are interested in partnering or where local non-profit entities are either not interested in acquiring multifamily properties or lack the capacity to do so. NHT/Enterprise has successfully utilized private activity bonds, 501(c)(3) bonds, low income housing tax credits, Federal Home Loan Bank funds, real estate tax exemption and other financing sources for these projects.


Homes Preserved: Learn about affordable housing preserved and improved by NHT/Enterprise >>

From our Residents...

“I was so happy, I didn’t sleep. I just walked and marveled at the things in my new home.”


Leroy Washington
Meridian Manor


“Now, I have a second chance at life and the real world.”


Hilbert Turner
Meridian Manor


“Last year when they renovated the property, it was like the best thing that they did for this whole neighborhood. They just changed everything...our street is like a little bit more brightened up now. It’s better. It’s way better.”


Isaiah Crawford
Galen Terrace Apartments