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Our Unique Approach

The National Housing Trust is the nation’s leading expert in “preserving and improving” affordable housing – ensuring that privately owned rental housing remains in our affordable housing stock and is sustainable over time. 

Using the tools of real estate development, rehabilitation, finance and policy advocacy, the Trust is responsible for saving more than 25,000 affordable homes in 41 states, leveraging more than $1 billion in financing.

NHT/Enterprise preserved Skyview Park in Scranton, PA. Learn more >>

The National Housing Trust is the only national non-profit engaged in housing preservation through public policy advocacy, real estate development, and lending.

The Trust’s policy engagement is informed by the practice of the National Housing Trust/Enterprise Preservation Corporation (NHT/Enterprise), an affiliated non-profit housing developer.  NHT/Enterprise has preserved more than 5,000 affordable apartments throughout the country through real estate development. This hands-on experience gives the Trust the knowledge and credibility to engage the affordable housing sector and policymakers on the importance and value of preserving and improving affordable rental housing.


Working on individual properties helped NHT realize how difficult it is for non-profits to leverage early money to acquire and preserve at risk affordable housing. NHT recognized that access to early capital was critical. To help meet this need, NHT provides early capital to help preserve affordable housing opportunities through two affiliates: the National Housing Trust Community Development Fund (NHTCDF) and the Institute for Community Economics Revolving Loan Fund (ICERLF). NHTCDF provides predevelopment and bridge loans to help non-profits move quickly to preserve important community assets. ICERLF provides loans to community land trusts, limited equity cooperatives, and community-based nonprofit organizations to create housing opportunities that are permanently affordable to people with lower incomes.