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About Us
The National Housing Trust - Enterprise Preservation Corporation (NHT-Enterprise) is a joint effort of the National Housing Trust and Enterprise Community Partners, Inc. At NHT-Enterprise, we purchase, preserve, and improve affordable housing across the country.

Our organization is dedicated to four goals: rent affordability, innovative financing, sustainable practices, and resident empowerment. By creating healthy, resilient communities, we seek to improve and protect the security of the families and individuals who live with us.

Together with The National Housing Trust, we provide solutions for tomorrow’s communities today.

Our Commitment to Success
In the world of affordable housing, you can find diverse service providers ranging from lenders to resident services providers to advocates. Our organization stands out from the rest in four very important ways:

  1. We have the policy expertise of the National Housing Trust behind us.
  2. We lead the way in energy-efficiency, solar, and environmentally conscious innovation.
  3. We partner with the most successful, proven names in the industry.
  4. We have outstanding leadership and teamwork.

NHT-Enterprise’s commitment to our projects does not waiver. Long after the ribbons are cut, we remain steadfast in our communities through resident engagement. Our buildings remain indistinguishable from neighboring market rate properties due to the shared responsibility of residents and staff.

We create renewable, healthy living spaces with a dedication to long-term affordability so you feel comfortable placing your trust in our organization.


Homes Preserved: Learn about affordable housing preserved and improved by NHT-E >>

From our Residents...

“I was so happy, I didn’t sleep. I just walked and marveled at the things in my new home.”


Leroy Washington
Meridian Manor


“Now, I have a second chance at life and the real world.”


Hilbert Turner
Meridian Manor


“Last year when they renovated the property, it was like the best thing that they did for this whole neighborhood. They just changed everything...our street is like a little bit more brightened up now. It’s better. It’s way better.”


Isaiah Crawford
Galen Terrace Apartments