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Section 515 Rural Housing State Reports

Click on a state below to access data on the state's Section 515 properties (click here to access data for Puerto Rico). Data reports include property name, location, number of units, housing type, ownership type, etc.

Please note: If an owner of a Section 515 property has indicated their intention to prepay a Section 515 loan, it will not be reflected in these data reports. Information about projects where owners have applied for prepayment can be obtained through USDA's Preservation Information Exchange (PIX) web site.

Alabama (PDF | Excel)

Alaska (PDF | Excel)

Arizona (PDF | Excel)

Arkansas (PDF | Excel)

California (PDF | Excel)

Colorado (PDF | Excel)

Connecticut (PDF | Excel)

Delaware (PDF | Excel)

Florida: The Florida Housing Data Clearinghouse at the Shimberg Center for Affordable Housing provides public access to comprehensive data about subsidized rental housing in Florida communities. Click on the following link to access their data tool: http://flhousingdata.shimberg.ufl.edu/AHI_introduction.html

Georgia (PDF | Excel)

Hawaii (PDF | Excel)

Idaho (PDF | Excel)

Illinois (PDF | Excel)

Indiana (PDF | Excel)

Iowa (PDF | Excel)

Kansas (PDF | Excel)

Kentucky (PDF | Excel)

Louisiana (PDF | Excel)

Maine (PDF | Excel)

Maryland (PDF | Excel)

Massachusetts (PDF | Excel)

Michigan (PDF | Excel)

Minnesota (PDF | Excel)

Mississippi (PDF | Excel)

Missouri (PDF | Excel)

Montana (PDF | Excel)

Nebraska (PDF | Excel)

Nevada (PDF | Excel)

New Hampshire (PDF | Excel)

New Jersey (PDF | Excel)

New Mexico (PDF | Excel)

New York (PDF | Excel)

North Carolina (PDF | Excel)

North Dakota (PDF | Excel)

Ohio (PDF | Excel)

Oklahoma (PDF | Excel)

Oregon (PDF | Excel)

Pennsylvania (PDF | Excel)

Puerto Rico (PDF | Excel)

Rhode Island (PDF | Excel)

South Carolina (PDF | Excel)

South Dakota (PDF | Excel)

Tennessee (PDF | Excel)

Texas (PDF | Excel)

Utah (PDF | Excel)

Vermont (PDF | Excel)

Virginia (PDF | Excel)

Washington (PDF | Excel)

West Virginia (PDF | Excel)

Wisconsin (PDF | Excel)

Wyoming (PDF | Excel)