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State and Local Preservation Resources

At one time, the federal government was the sole decision-maker in how to allocate resources for affordable housing. That time has long since passed. For at least a decade, the task of preserving existing affordable rental housing has increasingly come to rest on the shoulders of state or local government officials who now direct the allocation of billions of dollars towards both new and existing affordable housing.

The National Housing Trust reviews  Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) policies and practices and other preservation programs to learn how state policymakers are approaching the challenge of preserving affordable rental housing. 

In 2014 NHT launched PrezCat, an online affordable housing preservation catalog. PrezCat features a searchable database of affordable state housing preservation policies and programs, as well as other resources and materials related to affordable housing such as national trends, best practices, and resident stories. 

On PrezCat you can find the answers to questions like:
  • How many states incentivize preservation in their 9% tax credit program?
  • What green and energy efficiency measures do state housing agencies prioritize in their Qualified Allocation Plans?
  • How do states promote affordable housing near transit?
  • How many LIHTC dollars went to preservation in 2014?
  • Which states and localities have housing trust funds or other preservation funding programs?

To visit PrezCat, please click here, or visit www.prezcat.org.